Transformer Oil Processing Equipment


High Vacuum Dehydrators & Degassing

High vacuum oil purifiers are primarily used to degas, dehydrate and filter transformer oil and insulating fluids. Moisture removal rates down to 5 ppm and gas content to 0.1%. Filtration to 0.5 micron.

The high vacuum package includes an auxiliary connection for pulling vacuum on the transformer.

Many options include cold traps, automation, moisture monitors, laser particle counters, gas analyzers, trailers, more….

Transformer Oil Dryout Systems

Removes free and emulsified moisture
Removes carbon
Can be used online
Stationary, portable and mobile options

Vacuum Pump Packages

Stand alone vacuum packages, skid mounted for easy transport to site.

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Fully Automated

Pro-Filtration degassing trailer systems are fully automated and controlled by one operator at a computer screen.


Pro-Filtration trailers are manufactured entirely in house. With 30+ years of manufacturing experience, you can be confident that you will be buying a very high quality Pro-Haul chassis. Custom designs are our specialty; if you can imagine it, we can build it! We take pride in our products and workmanship. Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing quality products paralleled with exceptional customer service.

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Pro-Filtration manufactures industrial oil processing equipment including vacuum dehydrators; kidney loop filtration systems, fullers earth filtration skids, dry air systems, cold traps, etc. All equipment is manufactured in-house in Gallipolis, Ohio, and is mobilized by Pro-Haul trailers also made in-house under the same roof. Our service technicians are ready to dispatch for technical support and to assist you with any oil processing job in the field.

Parts and systems

Easy to assemble and built to order.


Low maintenance units with service centers easily accessible.

Products Ship Worldwide


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