Oil Purifier Rentals

Oil Purifier Rentals

We have oil purifier rentals and vacuum dehydrators in stock and available for rent. Contact us for availability.

High vacuum oil purifiers are primarily used to degas, dehydrate and filter transformer oil and insulating fluids. Moisture removal rates down to 5 ppm and gas content to 0.1%. Filtration to 0.5 micron.

The high vacuum package includes an auxiliary connection for pulling vacuum on the transformer.

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Pro-Filtration is a full service provider for your transformer oil purification needs. We offer start up assistance with all of our rentals. We also offer in house training, field support and repair services for all manufacturers of vacuum dehydrators.

Pro-Filtration manufactures industrial oil processing equipment including vacuum dehydrators; kidney loop filtration systems, fullers earth filtration skids, dry air systems, cold traps, etc. All equipment is manufactured in-house in Gallipolis, Ohio, and is mobilized by Pro-Haul trailers also made in-house under the same roof. Our service technicians are ready to dispatch for technical support and to assist you with any oil processing job in the field.

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Low maintenance units with field service technicians.


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